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for 16-19 year old trainees

written to the specifications of
CPCAB Level 2 Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills (ICSK-L2 16-19)

CSCT, the UK's main provider of counselling training materials to the Further and Adult Education sector, has developed this training programme designed to meet the requirements of CPCAB qualification ICSK-L2 16-19.

Recognising the growing need for counselling skills training among young people, this course is exclusively intended for trainees between 16 and 19 years of age, and aims to satisfy the increasing demand among centres, tutors and potential trainees. A course like this is likely to attract a large number of candidates and run very successfully.

The training materials are flexibly devised to adapt to the needs of different centres, and can be run in a variety of settings:

  • School
  • Further Education College
  • Youth Group or Counselling Centre
  • Sixth Form College

Click here for the Course Overview.

Price: £20 per trainee guide. Tutor guide FREE when you order for an entire group.

Inspection copies are available without obligation. Email us on info@counsellingtraining.com